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Residential Construction Seattle - Remodels, Drywall Installation, Demolition & More

Are you a Seattle homeowner looking for an expert remodeling team to spice up your house in an environmentally-friendly way? If so, look no farther than Drywall Dexterity! We specialize in residential remodeling construction, using energy-efficient materials.

Drywall Dexterity is a residential construction company in King County that produces award-winning remodeling projects. Whether you’re looking to redo your living room, dining room, or remodel a bathroom, we offer remodels and residential demolition for both.

Residential Construction Services (King & Pierce County)

Finding a great construction company for demolition, remodeling, and residential drywall is essential. Some things you should look for include the following:
At Drywall Dexterity, we have the skills necessary to do the best work in the construction industry.

Residential Construction Costs

Residential construction costs depend on several factors and will also differ based on the specific general contracting companies. Some of the deciding factors include

Seattle residential remodeling projects can be pricey. You must choose a contractor who knows what they are doing and executes excellent project management. Doing so will keep everything moving quickly and safely and be more cost-effective.

Residential Timeline

The project completion time required for any remodel will depend on the project size and scope, as well as the skill level of the contractor you hire.

For example, the typical timeframe for a bathroom remodel will be different for a small bathroom than a large one. It will also take more or less time based on how quickly your specific contractor can complete it.

Energy-Efficient Residential Construction

Many people are moving towards sustainable construction in Seattle. Homeowners don’t want to spend extra money on energy bills and want a clean, healthy environment.
Dexterity Drywall provides all of these benefits! We offer the Seattle area a design-build that will keep energy costs down. How do we do this?
The construction industry is becoming more environmentally friendly. So, while working with a hammer in hand, we are keeping sustainability front and center.

Custom Construction Seattle

We do interior demolition and remodels in Pierce County or any part of King County. We work with commercial, residential, and flood and fire repair.


Our residential construction includes a spectrum of projects and offerings:
Whether you’re looking for a bathroom touch-up, a new kitchen, or a basement remodel, Dexterity Drywall has you covered!

Flood and Fire Repair

Our comprehensive flood and fire damage repair gets it all done sustainably. We do everything from start to finish:

If your home or business has suffered a flood or fire, we can rescue it!

Seattle Contractors

As a sustainable contractor, we have a lot to offer our clients, whether we are doing demolitions or remodels.
If you are ready for a contractor specializing in Green residential construction for Seattle, Dexterity Drywall is the place to look!

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