Drywall Installation Seattle

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Drywall Installation, Restoration, & Repair - Residential & Commercial

Are you looking for the best drywall contractors in the Seattle area? If so, look no further! Dexterity Drywall specializes in drywall installation in King & Pierce County and can handle all your residential and commercial construction needs.

Drywall Contractor Residential and Commercial

Locally owned and operated in King County. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we pride ourselves on a well-done job.
We are also sustainable and energy-efficient. From the metal studs we use to the insulation and drywall, our materials protect against heat escaping your home. This saves you money on your utility bill while keeping your house comfortable!
If you are on a tight schedule and need a drywall company that will do a great job on time, get in touch with us. We can give you a drywall installation time estimate to fit your needs!

Energy-Efficient and New Home Construction

Homeowners in Seattle, WA, are becoming more sustainable, and with that comes the need for a drywall company that honors these standards.

Dustless/OSHA Grade Services

Drywall Dexterity is the solution for that need! We use non-toxic paint and vacuum our workspace often, keeping harmful substances out of the air we breathe.

Drywall Demolition and Restoration

As a highly recommended drywall company, our drywall services are inclusive:

We also make additions and remodels to existing homes and businesses. Because excellent customer service is essential, we match color and texture to existing walls, use sustainable materials, and keep our work area clean.

Drywall Installation Cost

Drywall installation costs vary based on several factors:

Get in touch with us for an estimate for your project!

Labor Cost to Hang and Finish Drywall

While the homeowner can do drywall installations, much work is involved. Hiring professionals who know how to measure, cut, hang correctly, and finish is best to ensure success.
Although you can save money by doing the drywall yourself, having it done by Drywall Dexterity will guarantee your success and a beautiful, quality result!

Our services include simple installations to more challenging projects (like demolitions, remodels, and damage repair).

Drywall Restoration Cost

Drywall repair costs depend on the specific project, such as the amount of damage to be repaired and the materials used.
When paying for drywall restoration, your best bet is to hire a professional with a solid reputation for excellent work, saving you time, money, and stress in the long term!
Clients should expect an increase in pricing according to the amount of finishing coats requested.

Why Choose Drywall Dexterity?

We do drywall installation in Seattle at the highest standards. When working with Drywall Dexterity, you can rest assured that your project is in excellent hands.
From using green materials and making your home or business energy efficient to cleaning up our workspace and making it possible for you to continue working and living in the building while we do our job – we take pride in what we do and can’t wait to serve you!

Are you ready to let our experts tackle your next drywall project?