Commercial Construction Seattle

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Commercial Construction in Seattle - Drywall, Remodels, Metal Stud Framing & More

There are many reasons you may be ready to hire for commercial construction in Seattle. Business growth means adding or remodeling an existing building, and fire or flood damage creates the need to demolish and rebuild.
Whatever the motivation behind the remodel or addition to your commercial office space or store, Drywall Dexterity is here to help!
With expertise in various demolition and remodeling projects in Seattle, WA, we specialize in energy-efficient construction for both commercial and residential construction.

Construction Services

We use energy-efficient construction methods, making your work environment more sustainable.

We specialize in commercial drywall. Your drywall keeps you safe in case of a fire, so it needs to be installed by professionals who will get the job done right. We also match color and texture to any existing walls.

Commercial Metal Stud Framing

If you’ve been looking into metal stud framing prices for your commercial remodeling project, think about the cost-effectiveness of going green!
With our metal studs, insulation, and drywall, less warm air is escaping, keeping your business’s energy costs down.

Commercial Remodeling Company

Although Drywall Dexterity handles many construction services, we especially love commercial projects! We take the hard work of construction management and execution off your hands, creating a top-quality result.
Our team members are full-service workers who will make your remodel or addition precisely what you want it to be.

Commercial Construction Costs

Construction estimating services can give you an idea of what your commercial construction project might cost. However, they are not able to provide you with an exact quote since that will depend upon several factors:
At Drywall Dexterity, our goal is your satisfaction. Our project managers are skilled and knowledgeable. Your construction projects are in excellent hands with us!

Commercial Building Construction Timeline

Commercial building projects can be quick and easy or can be more involved and take longer.

While there is no standard timeline for how long residential or commercial construction will take, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

All of these factors will impact the timeline of the project.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

As a L.E.E.D. company, Drywall Dexterity is interested in life science and how we can positively impact the environment.
So, while working with a hammer in hand, we are using safer materials, cleaning up to keep dust and harmful substances at bay, and creating sustainable builds.

Dustless/OSHA Grade Service

Remaining open during construction is our way of keeping you in business. Dust is more than just a slight annoyance. While it can look unsightly in the home and workplace, it could be a source of harmful diseases. That’s because dust dispersed from various materials, such as stone and wood, can be breathed in and cause severe cell damage. Controlling the dust from construction-related activities is attainable and necessary for a first-class professional remodeling company. Concrete and drywall dust will breach any barrier without negative airflow. Creating negative airflow in the room where the work is being done is the only way to maintain a dust-free environment. Plastic walls do not work by themselves; proper equipment must be in place to draw the air from the part of the house not being remodeled, providing airflow through any breach in the barriers into the work area and stopping dust from escaping into the house. Understanding this concept, adopting it, and never departing from it is the only way to maintain a dust-free project.

Energy Efficient Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction projects are also energy-efficient. More business owners are ready to take steps towards becoming more sustainable, and Drywall Dexterity specializes in energy-saving projects!


We have a lot to offer commercial construction:

Our experience includes many commercial buildings, including laundry mats (these can easily be damaged by water and often need a remodel).

If you are ready to start remodeling or adding to your commercial construction, why not give us a call today?